Problems with FFMPEG and streaming.

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Problems with FFMPEG and streaming.

Post by dmitche3 »

I was trying to reduce the size of some of my videos today and I ran into a problem with ffmpeg and UMS. I added the "-preset slow" to my ffmpeg. While the file was smaller my Samsung TV wouldn't accept the video any longer. My understanding of adding the "-preset: slow" is that it would impact the analysis of the video for better compression.
I examined the file best that I could. FFProbe shows no differences between the two files.

But I was hoping that someone that knows the answer any of the following questions as my knowledge is limited on this one.
1. Is UMS treating the file differently?
2. Is the file significantly different encoding wise?
3. Or is it Samsung being picky. It is a 2017 model.

I used a video ripped from the original DVD for testing.
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Re: Problems with FFMPEG and streaming.

Post by mik_s »

If you add the slow option it will take longer for enough of the video to be ready to be streamed and your TV will timeout waiting for it.
Ideally you want transcoding to be as fast as possible while using little CPU power as possible but also results in a larger file.

If you mean manually transcoding your videos before adding them to UMS it should work.
I don't know enough about FFmpeg options to know what effect they have though but if you are still able to play them on your computer then they should work though UMS.
You should also make sure that it is in a format supported by your TV so the final video can be streamed.
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Re: Problems with FFMPEG and streaming.

Post by nehakakar »

Hi dmitche3,
The addition of the preset slow option in ffmpeg increases transcoding time, which may cause your samsung tv to timeout during streaming and check that the final video format is compatible with your tv for seamless playback.
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