Add "Sort by this name" metadata text field

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Add "Sort by this name" metadata text field

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I'm currently using UMS 13.8.1

UMS does not provide a "sort by this name" metadata option that would present movies (regardless of the real movie title) in an order that makes sense to me (the viewer). I haven't found such an option, at least.

What I'd like is for UMS to add a text field to each movie's metadata (I'll call it "SortName" here), and allow me to edit that field. For presentation purposes in the movie browser, UMS would sort by "SortName" but still show the real name.

Why do this?

For instance, I wanted the 3 related Divergent movies to appear next to each other in the default player (http://localhost:9001/player/...). I had to name the files so that (1) UMS would find the correct movie metadata online, and (2) present them in the order I want. The following worked, but don't ask me how UMS knew to remove the Divergent.[123]. prefix:

Code: Select all

I tried this approach with the 9 Star Wars movies, but UMS found metadata for only 3 of the 9 movies. What worked for Divergent didn't work for Star Wars.

I'd like to fix up other "related" movies too. And I can't rely on release-date ordering (e.g., Star Wars).

If there is already an option for this, please let me know.
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